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RIP Trica 186

2012-06-26 01:35:43

I just got the news 3 days ago, my good friend Jens Flechtner a.k.a Trica 186 died last week (16.06.2012).
Since I cannot be there for his funeral, I thought its the best to have a few words about him on my blog.
I met this guy in 1996 at Daniel Kaweckis (another friend who died last year) breakdown party, when he moved from Elmshorn to Barmstedt. During that " Abrissparty" where the then who is who of northern German Hip-Hop gathered. All of a sudden this overweight guy nobody has seen before came in. And since we both were not into smoking weed as everybody did, we quickly got into contact. Apart from us. Ace was the only other guy who wasn't smoking his brains out either, but he left earlier.
Trica told me hes from Lueneburg and that he heard of a mutual friend with Daniel Kawecki (Daniel Kienlein), that there are Parties going on in Elmshorn and that the Hip-Hop scene there is quite live. So Trica was into Graffity and told me about it. So did I. Because that day I had my first Black Bomb Tee printed. A year before I officially launched the brand. He was quite amazed with the Idea. And from then on he helped promote my tees. In exchange I braught him a 4XL Ecko Sweater from New York. Just about the time when Ecko was launched. Despite his heavy weight and size. Trica was one of the most active guys I ever met. When he found me an embroidery company in Lueneburg, we drove through his hometown and he began showing me all the tags he made on factory buildings, chemical plants and other places in such a height I never would have climbed on a building. I was just asking him how did you do this? I was really stunned. There was a time in Elmshorn when we had a problem with a gang from neighboring Pinneberg. Since we organized the parties in the Traumraum and other clubs since 1999, often they would attack partygoers. So Trica was a very helpful part in the peace process between both cities, since he was friends with both sides and understood that I was totally not interested into further aggression. To be very honest. I never liked the Graffity scene in and around Hamburg. In my opinion mostly untalented egocentric kids of rich parents who needed the abstract hobby to just keep their name out there. Many of who I met were just in it for the fame and for making them look important. Trica was the only graf head that I felt is just doing it for the love of doing it. He was never a poser. And he let his tags speak for themselves. He had no problem telling me about that he likes "Gabber" music. To hear that from somebody in the 90s was quite rare. The last time we met was when we did the parties together with MDS in Lueneburg. In a club called Garage. Jens was on the second floor chillout room and played his set of rare grooves in there. Whenever I was not busy managing the video screen in the main room. I went there to hang out. His set always included "Wrong Side Of The Tracks" By the Artefacts. His favourite song.
I do love my work, but the problem is, my time is always limited. Trica is a person I should have definitely spent more time with. I am happy to know him and a big thank you for always being a friend.

Good bye and R.I.P Jens

The best people die too early!!!


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